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EUA IN1/ADS/LIB/3/Da.2.4, page 325-326

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Record ID 90635

Caryl on Job 2 vols. folioPooles Synopsis 2d Vol. folio borrowed by the Rev M.r DickEdinr 28. June 1822 This is the receipt took referred to in my desposition of this dateAndrew Duncan JnrCha. Ross

Record ID 90641

Received from the Librarian of the Library of the University, a MS. Volume entitled Rubricæ de Attachiamentis (A. C. a 34) and two MS. Copies of Douglas's Translation of the Æneid (A. C. c. 4, and A C. d 5.) which I promise to return on demand.returned by Dr Gregory N Bain

Borrowed: 1807/2/21 (Saturday).


Thomas Thomison
Gender: Male.