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Record ID 291277

Biographia Britannica vol. 4. fol

Borrowed: 1774/12/28 (Wednesday). Returned: 1775/1/28 (Saturday). Fine pledged in case of late return: four pound sterl.


Mr Matthew Ross of Condie
Gender: Male.
Admission date: 1772. Life dates: 1750-1823 .
Occupation (normalised): Law > Advocate. Law > Dean of Faculty.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Genre: Lives
Biographia Britannica: or, the lives of the most eminent persons who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland, from the earliest ages.
Possible modern shelfmark: NLS: A.36.b.
Volumes borrowed: Volume 4

Record ID 291280

Blairs Chronological tables fol

Borrowed: 1774/12/30 (Friday). Returned: 1775/1/10 (Tuesday). Fine pledged in case of late return: five pound sterl.


Mr John Maclaurin Lord Dreghorn
Gender: Male.
Admission date: 1756. Life dates: 1734-1796.
Occupation (normalised): Law > Advocate. Law > Lord of Session/Senator of the College of Justice. Law > Lord President.

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John Blair (Male, died 1782)
Genre: History
Chronology and history of the world, from the creation to the year of Christ, 1768, illustrated in LVI tables [Blair]

Borrowed: 1774/12/30 (Friday). Returned: 1775/1/10 (Tuesday).

Borrower: Mr John Maclaurin Lord Dreghorn

Author: John Blair (Male, died 1782), Genre: History

Chronology and History of the World [John Blair]