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Location of Original Materials

The original borrowers’ registers are held in the following archives

  • Aberdeen Theological Library Borrowers’ Registers: University of Aberdeen Special Collections (MSM 226-232)
  • Advocates Library Borrowers’ Registers: National Library of Scotland (FR262-FR266)
  • Chambers Circulating Library Borrowers’ Register: National Library of Scotland (NLS, Dep. 341/413)
  • Craigston Castle Library Loans Book: Craigston Castle, Turriff (Craigston Castle Loans Book)
  • Dumfries Presbytery Library Issue Book: Ewart Library, Dumfries (EGD51/1)
  • Edinburgh University Library Borrowers’ Registers: University of Edinburgh Special Collections (INI/ADS/LIB/3/Da.2 – INI/ADS/LIB/3/Da.39)
  • Glasgow University Library Borrowers’ Registers: University of Glasgow Archives and Special Collections (MS Lib 1- MSLib6; Ea5-b.1, Ea5-b.1/1-5)
  • Haddington Library (John Gray Library) Borrowers’ Registers: National Library of Scotland (NLS MSS 16480 and 16481)
  • Hunterian Museum Library Borrowers’ Register: University of Glasgow Archives and Special Collections (MR 25)
  • Innerpeffray Library Borrowers’ Registers: Innerpeffray Library, Crieff (Innerpeffray Borrowers’ Register Vol. 1)
  • Inverness Kirk Sessions Library Borrowers’ Register: Inverness Public Library (in [uncatalogued] MS Catalogue 1737)
  • Leighton Library Borrowers’ Registers: University of Stirling Archives (Leighton MSS 25, 26, 27 and 30)
  • Orkney Library Borrowers’ Registers: Orkney Library and Archives (C05-100-02, C05-100-03, C05-100-04 and C05-100-05)
  • Royal High School of Edinburgh Library Borrowers’ Registers: Edinburgh City Archives (SL137/14/1, SL137/14/3, SL137/14/4, SL137/14/5 and SL137/14/6)
  • Selkirk Subscription Library Borrowers’ Registers: Hawick Archives (S/PL/7/1-2)
  • St Andrews University Library Receipt Books: St Andrews University Library Special Collections (UYLY205-1- UYLY207-14)
  • Westerkirk Kalendar: Westerkirk Parish Library (Westerkirk Kalendar)
  • Wigtown Subscription Library Borrowers’ Registers: Hornel Collection, Broughton House, Kirkcudbright (MS 5.27, MS 11.28, MS 11.29, MS 11.30)