Books and Borrowing 1750-1830

Month: August 2023

Forgotten Best-Sellers: Elizabeth Hamilton’s The Cottagers of Glenburnie (1808)

In 1808, Scottish author Elizabeth Hamilton published her third and final novel, titled The Cottagers of Glenburnie. As Pam Perkins observes in her introduction to what is currently the only extant scholarly edition of this novel, Cottagers became ‘when it was first published […] an immediate critical and popular success’.[1] It is with this success […]

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A Visitor to Innerpeffray Library: Rupert Vardon de Burgh Griffith

Reposted with permission from the Innerpeffray Library blog: Almost exactly 124 years ago, on 22nd August 1899, one of my favourite signatures was entered into the Innerpeffray Visitors’ Books by a young visitor to the library. Every time I come across this page, I am delighted all over again that Alice Mary Griffith allowed […]

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Stirling’s Historic Libraries

Here at the University of Stirling, we have been thinking about ways in which we might contribute to the celebrations for the 900th anniversary of Stirling burgh, and a colleague asked me to talk about Stirling’s historic libraries. Regular readers of this blog will know that none of the libraries featured in the Books and […]

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‘Smith, Ferguson, and Witherspoon at 300’: Conference Report

Last month, Katie and I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Smith, Ferguson, and Witherspoon at 300’ conference (18–21 July 2023), hosted by the Institute of Intellectual History and the Department of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, and organised alongside the Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies Society, the Institute for the Study of Scottish Philosophy, […]

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