Books and Borrowing 1750-1830

Month: November 2023

Visitor Vignettes: Nicknames

Reposted with permission from the Innerpeffray Library Blog Today’s blog on the use of nicknames in the Innerpeffray visitors’ books is inspired by a recent discovery of a 1965 visitor to Innerpeffray, who signed their entry ‘Littel Elf’! In the Innerpeffray visitors’ book of September 1965, there are a series of entries by the Hall […]

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Vino and Venison: Kendal’s Reading Associations in the Eighteenth Century

Although all the libraries in the Books and Borrowing database are Scottish, just across the border, the northwest of England was also home to a thriving and active network of print associations. In Westmorland, located in present-day south Cumbria, by the early nineteenth century this included libraries, booksellers, book clubs and reading rooms. Although much […]

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Scottish Student Marginalia in the Romantic Period: A PhD

Hello! My name is Rachael Tarrant and I am the latest, and fourth, PhD researcher to join ranks with the Books and Borrowing team (shortly to be followed by Jacqueline next year) – a climbing number that itself testifies to the germinating power of the Books and Borrowing project. My SGSAH AHRC funded PHD, co-supervised […]

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Wild Words and Spooky Happenstance: A Festival Diary

Republished with permission from The Library of Innerpeffray Blog From Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 September 2023, Innerpeffray Library hosted its third annual Festival of Reading, celebrating the theme of Wild Words. Authors, poets, storytellers, musicians, artists, and readers met in and around the historic location of Scotland’s first free lending library. On Thursday evening, […]

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