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Giovanni Antonio Scopoli


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Record ID 386130

Library: Edinburgh University Library. Register: EUA IN1/ADS/LIB/3/Da.2.23 (1789-1790, Type: Student). Page: 248

Scopoli Flora Carniolica 8:vo

Borrowed: 1790/5/13 (Thursday). Loan period: Fortnight. Deposit: One Guinea.


Robert Townson
Gender: Male.
Historical Alumni Database: Class: Medicine. Academic dates: 1789-1790.
Occupation (normalised): Education > University Student.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Giovanni Antonio Scopoli (Male, born 1723, died 1788)
Genre: Natural Philosophy
Joannis Antonii Scopoli ... Flora carniolica exhibens plantas Carniolae indigenas
Possible modern shelfmark: Main Library - Special Collections ; *.K.21.37.

Borrowed: 1790/5/13 (Thursday).

Borrower: Robert Townson

Author: Giovanni Antonio Scopoli (Male, born 1723, died 1788), Genre: Natural Philosophy

Flora Carniolica