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Roberson's History of Scotland


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Record ID 239144

Library: Royal High School of Edinburgh. Register: SL137144 (Type: Student). Page: 142

Roberson's History of Scotland v. 2

Borrowed: 1791/11/26 (Saturday). Returned: yes.


Hugh Vertot
Gender: Male.
Occupation (original): Pupil.
Occupation (normalised): Education > School Child.

Book Holding

William Robertson (Male, born 1721, died 1793)
Genre: History
Roberson's History of Scotland
Volumes borrowed: Volume 2

Borrowed: 1791/11/26 (Saturday).

Borrower: Hugh Vertot

Author: William Robertson (Male, born 1721, died 1793), Genre: History

History of Scotland During the Reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI

Volumes borrowed: Volume 2