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Library: Royal High School of Edinburgh. Register: SL137146 (Type: Student). Page:

Bankes v. 1

Borrowed: 1823/12/18 (Thursday). Returned: yes.


John Francis Dundas
Gender: Male.
Occupation (original): Pupil.
Occupation (normalised): Education > School Child.

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Genre: Travel
Volumes borrowed: Volume 1

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Confidence level: Very likely

Genre: Travel
A modern, authentic and com[plete] system of universal geography. Including all the late important discoveries made by the English, and other celebrated navigators of various nations, in the different hemispheres; and containing a genuine history and description of the whole world, as consisting of empires, ... With the various countries, cities, towns, .... Thoughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and America: together with their respective situations, extent, latitude, longitude, ... together with a complete history of every empire, kingdom, and state, ... The whole forming an authentic and entertaining account of every thing worthy of notice throughout the whole face of nature, both by land and water. In which is introduced, to illustrate the work, a considerable number of the most accurate whole sheet maps, forming a complete atlas. To which is added complete guide to geography, astronomy, ... with an account of the rise, progress, and present state of navigation throughout the known world. Likewise containing every important, interesting, and valuable discovery throughout the whole of Cook’s voyages. Together with all the discoveries made by other mariners since the time of that celebrated circumnavigator. Also, a particular description of the improved state of the new colony formed at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, where the convicts are now settled. Including a particular account of the excursions and discoveries made in the interior parts of New Holland. The whole forming a complete collection of voyages and travels. By the Rev. Thomas Bankes, vicar of Dixton, in Monmouthshire, and author of the Christian’s family Bible. Embellished with near two hundred beautiful engravings, consisting of views, antiquities, customs, ceremonies, besides whole sheet maps, plans, charts, &c. executed in a much superior stile than any thing that has ever appeared in this kingdom.
Language: English . Published: London. Date of publication: 1790. Format: folio. Pagination: 2v.
Number of borrowings: 27

Book Work

Genre: Travel
Modern, Authentic and Complete System of Universal Geography