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England's heroical epistles [Drayton]


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Record ID 282377

Library: Advocates Library. Register: F.R.262a/4 (1770-1773, Type: Other). Page: 375

dittos Englands heroic Epistles 12o

Borrowed: 1773/1/12 (Tuesday). Returned: 1773/2/12 (Friday). Fine pledged in case of late return: see entry above.


Mr William Gordon of Newhall
Gender: Male.
Admission date: 1768. Life dates: d. 1778.
Occupation (normalised): Law > Advocate.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Michael Drayton (Male, born 1563, died 1631)
Genre: History, Genre: Poetry
England's heroical epistles [Drayton]
Possible modern shelfmark: NLS: H.32.c.17.