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Louverni Operata?


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Record ID 305425

Library: Chambers' Circulating Library. Register: Library Register (1827-1830, Type: Town). Page: 52

Louverni Operata

Borrowed: 1828/9/27 (Saturday). Returned: 1828/10/26 (Sunday).


Miss Bannerman
Gender: Female. Address: 89 George Street, Edinburgh.
Subscription Type: New Books II Month. Latitude: 55.953159244777346. Longitude: -3.2020615679963917. Subscription Type (Map): New. Start Day: 27. Start Month: 9. Start Year: 1828. End Day: 26. End Month: 10. End Year: 1828.

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Louverni Operata?

Borrowed: 1828/9/27 (Saturday). Returned: 1828/10/26 (Sunday).

Borrower: Miss Bannerman

Louverni Operata?