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Mrs unknown Allan


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Record ID 181770

Library: Innerpeffray Library. Register: Volume 1 (1747-1833, Type: Town). Page: 10v

Jemmats Abridgment of Dr Prestons works

Borrowed: 1756/9/29 (Wednesday).


Mrs unknown Allan
Gender: Female.
Occupation (original): Wife of John Allan.
Occupation (normalised): Miscellaneous > Wife/Spouse.

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John Preston (Male, born 1587, died 1628)
Genre: Sermons
An abridgment of Dr. Preston's vvorks.

Borrowed: 1756/9/29 (Wednesday).

Borrower: Mrs unknown Allan

Author: John Preston (Male, born 1587, died 1628), Genre: Sermons

Abridgment of Dr Preston’s Works