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Unknown 19 October 1790


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Record ID 40302

Library: Haddington Library. Register: MS16481 (1790-1816, Type: Town). Page: 105r

Burnets History of House of Hamilton

Borrowed: 1790/10/19 (Tuesday). Other reader: for my Master Andw. Matthew.


Unknown 19 October 1790
Gender: Unknown.

Andrew Matthew
Gender: Male. Borrower type: Other.
Occupation (normalised): Crafts, Artisans, and Manufacturing > Glover.

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Gilbert Burnet (Male, born 1643, died 1715)
Genre: History, Genre: Lives
Memoires of the lives and actions of James and William Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald, &c. In which an account is given of the rise and progress of the civil wars of Scotland: with other great transactions both in England and Germany, from the year 1625, to the year 1652. Together with many letters, instructions, and other papers, written by King Charles the I. Never before published. All drawn out of, or copied from the originals. By Gilbert Burnet. In seven books.
Modern Shelfmark: NLS Special Collections Gray.1013.