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Record ID 42229

Library: Haddington Library. Register: MS16481 (1790-1816, Type: Town). Page: 69r

2 vol Rolins RomanHistory

Borrowed: 1812/10/24 (Saturday). Original Borrower: David Dewar. Other reader: for Mw Dawson.


David Dewar
Gender: Male.

Matthew Dawson
Gender: Male. Borrower type: Other.
Birth date: 1781. Death date: 1857.
Occupation (normalised): Crafts, Artisans, and Manufacturing > Watchmaker.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Charles Rollin (Male, born 1661, died 1741)
Genre: History
Rollin's Roman History (original title)
Roman History, from the Foundation of Rome till the Battle of Actium, 16 vols (standardised title)

Modern Shelfmark: NLS Special Collections Gray.1336 (vol. 4 only).
Volumes borrowed: Volume 2