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Record ID 38098

Library: Haddington Library. Register: MS16480 (1732-1790, Type: Town). Page: 8r

Greenhills Expositionof the Sixth to the Thirteenth Chapters of Ezekiel inclusive being the second volume

Borrowed: 1740/8/7 (Sunday). Original Borrowed Date: 7th August 1740. Original Borrower: Patrick Young.


Patrick Young
Gender: Male.

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William Greenhill (Male, born 1591, died 1671)
Genre: Theology
Exposition of the five first chapters of the prophet Ezekiel, with useful observations thereupon [Greenhill]
Modern Shelfmark: NLS Special Collections Gray.466.
Volumes borrowed: Volume 2

Borrowed: 1740/8/7 (Sunday).

Borrower: Patrick Young

Author: William Greenhill (Male, born 1591, died 1671), Genre: Theology

Exposition of the Five First Chapters of the Prophet Ezekiel

Volumes borrowed: Volume 2