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Library: Glasgow University Library. Register: MS Lib 3: Students Receipt Book, with professor's names (1760-1765, Type: Student). Page: 55r

Maclaurans N. Philos.y

Borrowed: 1765/3/21 (Thursday). Returned: 1765/4/6 (Saturday). Original Borrowed Date: 21 Mar 1765. Original Returned Date: 6 Apr 1765. Professor 1: Thomas Reid. Professor 2: Robert Trail. Professor 3: John Anderson.


Robert Porter
Gender: Male.
Occupation (original): Student.
Class: Divinity. Original Full Name: Robert Porter.
Occupation (normalised): Education > University Student.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Colin MacLaurin (Male, born 1698, died 1746)
Genre: Natural Philosophy
Account of Sir Isaac Newton's philosophical discoveries, in four books
Press: P. Shelf: 8. Number: 12. Possible modern shelfmark: Sp Coll Bk10-e.6  . Original Author: MacLaurin, Colin, 1698-1746..

Borrowed: 1765/3/21 (Thursday). Returned: 1765/4/6 (Saturday).

Borrower: Robert Porter

Author: Colin MacLaurin (Male, born 1698, died 1746), Genre: Natural Philosophy

Account of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophical Discoveries