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Book Work: Mémoires de l'Institut National des Sciences et Arts

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Mémoires de l'Institut National des Sciences et Arts


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Record ID 361317

Library: Advocates Library. Register: F.R.263 (1819-1848, Type: Other). Page: 535

Memoires de l'institut national &c math & phys. 1811. 1812. 2 tom. (Mr Leslie)

Borrowed: 1822/7/1 (Monday).


Mr James Ivory Lord Ivory
Gender: Male.
Admission date: 1816. Life dates: 1792-1866.
Occupation (normalised): Law > Advocate. Law > Lord of Session/Senator of the College of Justice. Law > Sheriff. Law > Solicitor-General. Law > Advocate Depute.

Mr Leslie
Gender: Male. Borrower type: Other.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Académie Royale des sciences (Paris) Académie des sciences (Paris) (Unspecified)
Genre: History
Mémoires de l'Institut National ... Sciences mathématiques et physiques.
Possible modern shelfmark: NLS: NE.802.
Volumes borrowed: Volume 1812