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De Morbo Scorbuto


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Record ID 100013

Library: Edinburgh University Library. Register: EUA IN1/ADS/LIB/3/Da.2.9 (1771-1773, Type: Student). Page: 111

Brucæus de Scorbuto

Borrowed: 1771/11/30 (Saturday). Loan period: Fortnight. Deposit: see entry above.


Jonathan Anderson
Gender: Male.
Historical Alumni Database: Class: Medicine. Academic dates: 1770-1774.
Occupation (normalised): Education > University Student.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Severinus Eugalenus (Male, born 1535)
Genre: Medicine
De scorbuto morbo liber ... In lucem productus a J. Stubendorfio : [and, H. Brucaei ... De scorbuto propositiones, de quibus disputatum est ... 1589 ; De scorbuto tractatus duo adscripti ... B. Brunnero].