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Record ID 332908

Library: Advocates Library. Register: F.R.263 (1819-1848, Type: Other). Page: 21

Record ID 368378

Library: Advocates Library. Register: F.R.262a/50 (1819-1819, Type: Other). Page: 1

Record ID 73040

Library: Wigtown Subscription Library. Register: MS 11/30 (Type: Town). Page: 25l

Colloden Papers

Borrowed: 1832/6/22 (Friday). Returned: 1832/9/8 (Saturday).


George McHaffie Esq.
Gender: Male. Address: Wigtown.
Occupation (normalised): Agricultural > Land Manager/Factor. Independent Means > Landowner/Landlord/Laird. Law > Writer/Procurator. Politics/Office Holders > Lord Provost/Provost.

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Genre: History, Genre: Lives
Culloden Papers: comprising an extensive and interesting correspondence from the year 1625 to 1748; including numerous letters from the unfortunate Lord Lovat, and other distinguished persons of the time; with occasional State papers ... The whole published from the originals in the possession of D. G. Forbes of Culloden, Esq. To which is prefixed, an introduction, containing memoirs of the Right Honourable Duncan Forbes ... Illustrated by engravings. [Edited by H. R. Duff.]

Record ID 80993

Library: Wigtown Subscription Library. Register: MS 11/30 (Type: Town). Page: 54r