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Record ID 334579

Library: Advocates Library. Register: F.R.266 (1820-1848, Type: Other). Page: 8

Family of the Stuarts 229.f.2.

Borrowed: 1827/8/23 (Thursday). Returned: 1828/6/18 (Wednesday).


Mr Edward Lothian
Gender: Male.
Admission date: 1815. Life dates: 1769-1840.
Occupation (normalised): Law > Advocate. Law > Writer to the Signet (WS).

Mr Henry Glassford Bell
Gender: Male. Borrower type: Other.
Admission date: 1832. Life dates: 1805-1874.
Occupation (normalised): Arts and Letters > Poet. Arts and Letters > Author. Education > University Professor. Law > Advocate. Law > Clerk of Session.

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Duncan Stewart M. A. (Male)
Genre: History
Short historical and genealogical account of the royal family of Scotland, from K. Kenneth II. who conquer'd the Picts; and of the surname of Stewart, from the first founder of that name.
Possible modern shelfmark: NLS: A.114.c.[22].