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Record ID 339167

Library: Advocates Library. Register: F.R.263 (1819-1848, Type: Other). Page: 75

Bell on Wounds 8o

Borrowed: 1830/1/14 (Thursday). Returned: 1830/8/11 (Wednesday).


Mr George Joseph Bell
Gender: Male.
Admission date: 1791. Life dates: 1770-1843.
Occupation (normalised): Arts and Letters > Author. Education > University Professor. Law > Advocate. Law > Clerk of Session.

Book HoldingLibrary record

John Bell (Male, born 1763, died 1820)
Genre: Medicine
Discourses on the nature and cure of wounds [Bell]
Possible modern shelfmark: NLS: M.2/1.e.

Borrowed: 1830/1/14 (Thursday). Returned: 1830/8/11 (Wednesday).

Borrower: Mr George Joseph Bell

Author: John Bell (Male, born 1763, died 1820), Genre: Medicine

Discourses on the Nature and Cure of Wounds