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Record ID 205829

Library: Dumfries Presbytery Library. Register: Issue Book (Type: Professorial). Page: 31

Spotswood Church History

Borrowed: 1745/3/6 (Saturday). Returned: 1745/3/6 (Saturday).


John Scott
Gender: Male.
Life dates: 1697-1770.
Occupation (normalised): Religion and Clergy > Minister/Priest > Church of Scotland.

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John Spottiswood (Male, born 1565, died 1639)
Genre: History
The history of the Church of Scotland, beginning the year of our Lord 203, and continued to the end of the reign of King James the VI. of ever blessed memory. Wherein are described, the progress of Christianity, the persecutions and interruptions of it, the foundation of churches, the erecting of bishopricks, the building and endowing monasteries and other religious places, the succession of bishops in their sees, the reformation of religion, and the frequent disturbances of that nation by wars, conspiracies, tumults, schisms. Together with great variety of other matters, both ecclesiasticall and politicall. Written by that grave and reverend prelate, and wise counsellor, J. Spotswood, Lord Archbishop of S. Andrews, and Privy Counsellor to King Charles the First, that most religious and blessed prince and martyr.
Classmark: 13.5.7.

Record ID 205826

Library: Dumfries Presbytery Library. Register: Issue Book (Type: Professorial). Page: 31

Borrowed: 1745/3/6 (Saturday). Returned: 1745/3/6 (Saturday).

Borrower: James Biggar

Author: Plutarch (Male, born c.46, died 119), Genre: Philosophy and Morality

Moralia [Plutarch]