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Date of borrowing: 1754/4/24

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Record ID 278825

Library: Dumfries Presbytery Library. Register: Issue Book (Type: Professorial). Page: 51

State Tracts. Vol. 2d

Borrowed: 1754/4/24 (Wednesday). Returned: 1754/4/24 (Wednesday).


Dougall Maxwell
Gender: Male.
Occupation (normalised): Independent Means > Landowner/Landlord/Laird.

Mary/Marion Cowan/Cowend
Gender: Female. Borrower type: Other.
Occupation (normalised): Domestic Service > Indoor Servants.

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Genre: History, Genre: Law, Genre: Politics, Society and Political Economy
A collection of state tracts, publish’d on occasion of the late revolution in 1688. And during the reign of King William III. ... To which is prefix’d, the history of the Dutch war in 1672. Translated from the French copy printed at Paris in 1682. which was supprest at the Instance of the English Embassador, because of the Discoveries it made of the League betwixt the Kings of France and England for enslaving Europe, and introducing the Popish Religion into These Kingdoms, and the United Provinces. With a table of the several Tracts in this Volume, and a alphabetical index of Matters.
Classmark: 1.4.8-9-10 or 3?.
Volumes borrowed: Volume 2