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Record ID 48204

Library: Glasgow University Library. Register: MS Lib 1: Professors Receipt Book (1751-1765, Type: Professorial). Page: 6v

Craig's Jus Feudale

Borrowed: 1755/12/23 (Tuesday). Returned: /4/14. Original Borrowed Date: 23 Dec 1755. Original Returned Date: 14 Apr.


Adam Smith
Gender: Male. Address: Professors' Court, off High Street.
Occupation (original): Professor.
Original Full Name: Mr Smith. Life dates: 1723-1790.
Occupation (normalised): Arts and Letters > Author. Education > University Professor. Politics/Office Holders > Customs Collector.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Sir Thomas Craig (Male, born 1538, died 1608)
Genre: Law
D. Thomae Cragii de Riccarton, equitis, in senatu Edinburgensi patroni celeberrimi & jurisconsultissimi, Jus feudale, tribus libris comprehensum : 
Press: V. Shelf: 7. Number: 5. Possible modern shelfmark: Sp Coll Bl9-d.15  . Original Author: Craig, Thomas, Sir, 1538-1608..

Book Edition

Confidence level: Certain

Sir Thomas Craig (Male, born 1538, died 1608)
Genre: Law
Jus feudale, tribus libris comprehensum
Language: Latin . Published: Edinburgh. Date of publication: 1732. Format: folio.
Number of borrowings: 6

Book Work

Sir Thomas Craig (Male, born 1538, died 1608)
Genre: Law
Jus Feudale

Borrowed: 1755/12/23 (Tuesday). Returned: /4/14.

Borrower: Adam Smith

Author: Sir Thomas Craig (Male, born 1538, died 1608), Genre: Law

Jus Feudale

Record ID 38512

Library: Haddington Library. Register: MS16480 (1732-1790, Type: Town). Page: 48r

the Continuation of Rapin History of England being Tindal's first Vol.m.

Borrowed: 1755/12/23 (Tuesday). Original Borrowed Date: Dec.r 23th 1755. Original Borrower: Jas. Lithgow.


James Lithgow
Gender: Male.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Nicholas Tindal (Male, born 1687, died 1774)
Genre: History
Continuation of Mr Rapin de Thoyras’s History of England, from the revolution to the accession of King George II. By N. Tindal, M. A. Rector of Alverstoke in Hampshire and Chaplain to the Royal Hospital at Greenwich. Illustrated With Thirty-Six heads of the Kings, Queens, and several Eminent Persons; also with Twenty Maps and Sea-Charts.
Modern Shelfmark: NLS Special Collections Gray.1411-1413.
Volumes borrowed: Volume 1