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Record ID 282239

Library: Dumfries Presbytery Library. Register: Issue Book (Type: Professorial). Page: 58

Borrowed: 1759/7/11 (Wednesday). Returned: 1759/7/11 (Wednesday).

Borrower: John Ewart Jas

Author: William Robertson (Male, born 1721, died 1793), Genre: History

History of Scotland During the Reigns of Queen Mary and King James VI

Volumes borrowed: Volume 1, Volume 2

Record ID 282608

Library: Dumfries Presbytery Library. Register: Issue Book (Type: Professorial). Page: 59

Arius Montanus's Hebrew Bible

Borrowed: 1759/7/11 (Wednesday). Returned: 1759/7/11 (Wednesday).


George Duncan
Gender: Male.
Life dates: 1692-1765.
Occupation (normalised): Religion and Clergy > Minister/Priest > Church of Scotland.

Robert Sloan
Gender: Male. Borrower type: Other.
Occupation (normalised): Domestic Service > Indoor Servants.

Book Holding

Genre: Theology
Biblia Hebraica / Eorundem Latina interpretatio Xantis Pagnini Lucensis, Benedicti Ariæ Montani Hispal & ḳuorundam aliorum collato studio, ad hebraicam dictionem diligentissimè expensa. (Nouum Testamentum Græcum, cum vulgata interpretatione Latina, etc.-Index rerum et sententiarum, etc.-Romanae correctionis in Latinis Bibliis ... loca insigniora obseruata ... à F. Luca, etc.-Chronologia Sacræ Scripturæ.). ‬
Classmark: 2.1.4.

Borrowed: 1759/7/11 (Wednesday). Returned: 1759/7/11 (Wednesday).

Borrowers: George Duncan , Robert Sloan

Genre: Theology

Bible [Hebrew & Latin]