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Library: Glasgow University Library. Register: MS Lib 1: Professors Receipt Book (1751-1765, Type: Professorial). Page: 12v

Keating's History of Ireland

Borrowed: 1760/3/8 (Saturday). Returned: /7/13. Original Borrowed Date: 8 Mar [1760). Original Returned Date: 13 Jul.


George Muirhead
Gender: Male.
Occupation (original): Professor of Oriental Languages 1753-1754; Chair of Humanity 1754-1773; Dean of Faculty 1764-1766; Clerk of the University 1769.
Original Full Name: Mr Muirhead. Life dates: 1715-1773. Academic dates: 1728; MA 1742 (Edin.).
Occupation (normalised): Religion and Clergy > Minister/Priest > Church of Scotland. Education > University Professor.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Geoffrey Keating (Male, born c.1570, died 1644)
Genre: History
General history of Ireland ... Faithfully translated from the original Irish language.
Press: S. Shelf: 6. Number: 4. Possible modern shelfmark: Sp Coll Bh6-c.9  . Original Author: Keating, Geoffrey, 1570?-1644..

Book Edition

Confidence level: Certain

Geoffrey Keating (Male, born c.1570, died 1644)
Genre: History
The general history of Ireland. Containing I. A full and impartial account of the first inhabitants of that kingdom; with the Lives and Reigns of an hundred and seventy four succeeding Monarchs of the Milesian Race. II. The Original of the Gadelians, their Travels into Spain, and from thence into Ireland. III. A succinct Account of the Reigns of all the Kings of Ireland, with the several Attempts and Invasions upon that Island. IV. Of the frequent Assistance the Irish afforded the Scots against their Enemies the Romans and Britons, particularly their obliging the Britons to make a Ditch from Sea to Sea between England and Scotland, to guard themselves from the Surprizes and frequent Incursions of the Scots and Irish. V. A genuine Description of the Courage and Liberality of the ancient Irish, their severe Laws to preserve their Records and Antiquities, and the Punishments inflicted upon those Antiquaries who presumed to vary from the Truth; with an Account of the Laws and Customs of the Irish, and their Royal Assemblies at Tara, &c. V I. A relation of the long and bloody wars of the Irish against the Danes, whose Yoke they at last threw off, and restored Liberty to their Country, which they preserved till the Arrival of Henry II. King of England.
Language: English . Published: London. Date of publication: 1723. Format: folio.
Translators: O'Connor, Dermot.
Number of borrowings: 1

Book Work

Geoffrey Keating (Male, born c.1570, died 1644)
Genre: History
General History of Ireland

Borrowed: 1760/3/8 (Saturday). Returned: /7/13.

Borrower: George Muirhead

Author: Geoffrey Keating (Male, born c.1570, died 1644), Genre: History

General History of Ireland