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Record ID 287662

Library: Dumfries Presbytery Library. Register: Issue Book (Type: Professorial). Page: 69

Leighscrit. Sacra

Borrowed: 1767/11/14 (Saturday). Returned: 1769.


Thomas Muller
Gender: Male.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Edward Leigh (Male, born 1602, died 1671)
Genre: Reference Works
Critica sacra in two parts: the first containing Observations on all the radices, or primitive Hebrevv vvords of the Old Testament, in order alphabetical. Wherein both they (and many derivatives also issuing from them) are fully opened out of the best lexicographers and scholiasts. The second edition corrected, and much enlarged by the authour. The second Philologicall and Theologicall observations upon all the Greek vvords of the New Testament, in order alphabetical. Wherein usually the etymon of the word is given, its force and emphasis observed, and the severall acceptions of it in scripture, and the versions by expositors are set down. By Edward Leigh Esquire, Mr of Arts of Magdalen Hall in Oxford.
Classmark: 1.6.9.

Borrowed: 1767/11/14 (Saturday). Returned: 1769.

Borrower: Thomas Muller

Author: Edward Leigh (Male, born 1602, died 1671), Genre: Reference Works

Critica Sacra