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Library: Haddington Library. Register: MS16481 (1790-1816, Type: Town). Page: 71r

Thames Police

Borrowed: 1812/12/29 (Tuesday). Original Borrowed Date: 29. Original Borrower: James Kepey.


James Kepey
Gender: Male.

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Patrick Colquhoun (Male, born 1745, died 1820)
Genre: Politics, Society and Political Economy
Treatise on the commerce and police of the River Thames: containing an historical view of the trade of the port of London; and suggesting means for preventing the depredations thereon, by a legislative system of river police. With an account of the functions of the various magistrates and corporations exercising jurisdiction on the river; and a general view of the penal and remedial statutes connected with the subject, by P. Colquhoun, LL.D.