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Lewis Du Moulin


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Record ID 369209

Library: Aberdeen Theological Library. Register: MSM 227 (1786-1797, Type: Student). Page: 12

Jugulum Causæ.

Borrowed: 1786/5/27 (Saturday). Returned: 1786/6/24 (Saturday). Shelfmark (Press, Shelf, Number): 3, 5, 18.


James Touch or Tough
Gender: Male.
Occupation (normalised): Education > University Student.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Lewis Du Moulin (Male, born 1606, died 1680)
Genre: Theology
Jugulum causae [Du Moulin]
Modern Shelfmark: Store (SC) ; TL iota 36.

Borrowed: 1786/5/27 (Saturday). Returned: 1786/6/24 (Saturday).

Borrower: James Touch or Tough

Author: Lewis Du Moulin (Male, born 1606, died 1680), Genre: Theology

Jugulum Causae