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Book Holding: Medical observations and inquiries.

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UnclearMedical observations and inquiries.


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Record ID 193401

Library: Innerpeffray Library. Register: Volume 1 (1747-1833, Type: Town). Page: 128v

Medical Observations

Borrowed: 1817/1/31 (Friday).


P Robertson
Gender: Unclear. Address: Madderty.

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Genre: Medicine
Medical observations and inquiries.

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Confidence level: Certain

Genre: Medicine
Medical observations and inquiries. By a Society of physicians in London.
Language: English . Published: London. Date of publication: 1757-1784. Format: 8vo. Pagination: 6 vols.
Number of borrowings: Volumes associated with this edition were borrowed 40 times in 28 borrowing records

Book Work

Genre: Medicine
Medical Observations and Inquiries