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Library: Dumfries Presbytery Library. Register: Issue Book (Type: Professorial). Page: 21

Addison's Evidences

Borrowed: 1740/1/23 (Saturday). Returned: 1740/3/5 (Saturday).


Mrs C T
Gender: Female.

Robert Wight
Gender: Male.
Life dates: 1684-1764.
Occupation (normalised): Religion and Clergy > Minister/Priest > Church of Scotland.

Book Holding

Joseph Addison (Male, born 1672, died 1719)
Genre: Theology
The evidences of the Christian religion, by the Right Honorable Joseph Addison, Esq; To which are added, several discourses against atheism and infidelity, and in Defence of the Christian Revelation, occasionally published by him and others: And now collected into one Body, and digested under their proper Heads. With a preface, containing the sentiments of Mr. Boyle, Mr. Lock, and Sir Isaac Newton, concerning the gospel-revelation.
Classmark: 10.9.23.

Borrowed: 1740/1/23 (Saturday). Returned: 1740/3/5 (Saturday).

Borrowers: Mrs C T , Robert Wight

Author: Joseph Addison (Male, born 1672, died 1719), Genre: Theology

Evidences of the Christian Religion