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Record ID 119270

Library: Leighton Library. Register: Ledger 2 (1815-1833, Type: Other). Page: 79-80

Macormick - One

Borrowed: 1822/7/21 (Sunday). Lending Record Other Info: Retd.


Mr Allison
Gender: Male. Address: of Keith.
Subs Date: 8 August 1821. Subs: 2.6.

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William Carstares (Male, born 1649, died 1715)
Genre: Lives
State-papers and letters, addressed to William Carstares, confidential secretary to K. William during the whole of his reign.
Language: English. Publication Place: Edinburgh. Publication Year: 1774. Format: 4to (quarto).
Volumes borrowed: Volume 1

Borrowed: 1822/7/21 (Sunday).

Borrower: Mr Allison

Author: William Carstares (Male, born 1649, died 1715), Genre: Lives

State-papers and Letters Addressed to William Carstares

Volumes borrowed: Volume 1