Books and Borrowing 1750-1830

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St Andrews University Library


List of registers

Library Receipt Book 1788-1791. (UYLY207-9)

Borrowings of multivolume editions that do not state a number of volumes are taken as indicating all volumes (e.g. the entirety of a three-volume novel) unless this seems unreasonable, as in the case of extensive editions such as periodicals.

Unless there is clear evidence to the contrary, ditto marks have been interpreted in the conventional sense as referring to the above entry.

Both borrowed and returned dates are frequently not stated in this ledger. In the absence of a possible implied ditto in the return column for a return date, the borrowed date has been re-entered. Where borrowed dates themselves are missing, a ditto has been assumed in the borrowed column. Such dates should be treated with due caution.

Start year: 1788. End year: 1791. Type: Student. This register contains 362 pages, 143 distinct borrowers and 1136 distinct book holdings.