Books and Borrowing 1750-1830

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There is one register from Westerkirk, its ‘Kalendar’, which covers the years 1813-1842. We have transcribed to 1822; images from the succeeding years are available to view without transcriptions. Press on ‘Open’ next to the register to view images and transcriptions.

NameStart yearEnd yearTypeDescriptionPagesBooksBorrowersBorrowing records
Kalendar of Westerkirk Library, 1813

A bound volume consisting of 198 folios. Folio numbers have been added in a modern hand, omitting f.76. Borrowing records are given in a tabular format which spans the verso and recto sides of adjacent folios. Each row gives the name of an individual and their borrowings for the current year, and is split into columns corresponding to calendar month. Borrowed books are represented as catalogue numbers; returns seem to be represented by crosses next to catalogue numbers.