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Library: Glasgow University Library. Register: MS Lib 6: Students Receipt Book (1765-1771, Type: Student). Page: 80r

Rollin's Method V 2d

Borrowed: 1769/11/30 (Thursday). Returned: 1769/12/14 (Thursday). Original Borrowed Date: 30 Nov 1769. Original Returned Date: 14 Dec 1769. Professor 1: George Muirhead.


John Keil
Gender: Male.
Occupation (original): Student.
Class: Physic. Original Full Name: John Keil.
Occupation (normalised): Education > University Student.

Book HoldingLibrary record

Charles Rollin (Male, born 1661, died 1741)
Genre: Belles Lettres
Method of teaching and studying the belles lettres ... With reflections on taste; and instructions with regard to the eloquence of the pulpit, the bar and the stage. The whole illustrated with passages from ... poets and orators ... with critical remarks on them ... Translated from the French.
Press: AR. Shelf: 7. Number: 1. Possible modern shelfmark: Sp Coll Bk9-h.13-16. Original Author: Rollin, Charles, 1661-1741..
Volumes borrowed: Volume 2

Borrowed: 1769/11/30 (Thursday). Returned: 1769/12/14 (Thursday).

Borrower: John Keil

Author: Charles Rollin (Male, born 1661, died 1741), Genre: Belles Lettres

Method of Teaching and Studying the Belles Lettres

Volumes borrowed: Volume 2